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Justice for Every Person Injured by Negligence

Are you one of many people who has been injured from negligence or a defective product? While the cause may be similar, not all injuries are the same. You are entitled to fight for the compensation deserved for your specific pain and suffering, and that is where the mass tort lawyers at Johnston Law Group can help. Our team has committed itself to aiding personal injury victims nationwide, particularly in matters pertaining to defective medical devices and dangerous drugs.

To learn more about what compensation your injury entitles you to, call (844) 464-0062 and schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable mass tort attorney.

What Are Torts?

A tort is a civil wrong or wrongful act that causes harm to another person, resulting in legal liability for the person who committed the wrong. This is also known as a tortious act. Tort law governs how much compensation an injured party may be entitled to receive for a loss or injury. It also provides remedies for individuals and businesses when suffering losses due to the actions of others.

What Are the Different Types of Torts?

Torts are broken down into two main categories: intentional and unintentional. Intentional torts are deliberate; they involve an individual willfully inflicting harm on another person or property. Unintentional torts, also known as negligence, deal with accidental injury or damage caused by careless mistakes or omissions.

What Are Mass Torts?

Many product liability lawsuits end up as mass tort cases. As a mass tort, every person who experienced a similar injury from a defective product receives personalized legal counsel that will fight for their deserved compensation. This is different from class actions in that every individual gets a separate settlement to compensate their specific damages, rather than a collective reward that is distributed equally to all participants.

Some of the dangerous medical products that often result in mass torts include:

We Hold These Corporations Responsible

Given the scope of these cases, they can sometimes be very complex. Our mass tort attorneys are highly experienced in litigating against big corporations, and tailoring unique strategies for various types of injuries with similar causes.

These negligent manufacturers should be made aware of the damage their negligence has done to each individual victim. Mass torts make this possible, and give the victims an opportunity to recover their losses.

Johnston Law Group works on a contingency fee basis. Contact us or call (844) 464-0062 today.

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