Hurricane Claim Attorneys

Filing Insurance Claims for Damages Caused by Severe Weather

Residents across the nation understand the devastating, life-altering effects that hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms, and other dangerous weather can have on the lives of affected people. Major hurricanes can destroy property, cause physical injuries, and create a great deal of personal suffering. In addition to all this, storms can also lead to significant financial damages and losses.

There are generally two types of hurricane-related claims:

  • Claims by Homeowners for Property Damage, and
  • Claims by Business Owners for Loss of Revenue.

Losses suffered by Homeowners

The first priority in dealing with a hurricane is always to be prepared and stay safe! Hurricanes are very powerful storms that can cause severe personal injuries and significant property damage. If you suffered hurricane-related damage to your property, then you will likely have to correspond with your insurance company to file a claim, which can be tricky. In many cases, your insurance company will decide to approve or deny your claim during your first interaction, so it is crucial that you do the following when contacting them about your damages:

  • Create a detailed log of your physical injuries, destroyed property, and other potentially covered damages, including pictures.
  • Have your homeowner’s insurance policy in-hand, if possible, and make sure you understand the limits of your coverage.
  • Speak to any witnesses whose testimony may bolster the validity of your claim.
  • Consider consulting with an attorney before speaking to your insurance claims adjuster, in order to make sure your claim is as strong as possible.

Insurance companies exist to make money, and they are motivated to find a good reason to compensate you as little as possible or deny your claim entirely. If you are having trouble getting your insurance carrier to fulfill the terms of your policy or believe they are acting in bad faith, you must connect with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Call (844) 464-0062 today if you suffered hurricane-related damage to your property and your insurance company has acted in bad faith or made you an unreasonably low offer.

Losses suffered by Business Owners

In addition to property damage, business owners also face a potential loss of revenue due to a hurricane. This happens because residents of the area evacuate ahead of the storm, roads are eventually shut down, electricity and utilities are disrupted, curfews are imposed, and often, residents are prevented from returning for a period of time to give first responders the opportunity to save lives and restore power. These actions, while necessary for public safety, can prevent a business from operating for a days, weeks, or months.

Many business owners are unaware that loss of revenue caused by a hurricane might be covered under their insurance policy. It is commonplace for business insurance policies to contain Business Loss Interruption coverage, but as you can imagine, after a hurricane, the insurance company is not going to proactively inform you that such coverage exists and invite you to file a claim!

Johnston Law Group has experienced attorneys that can help determine whether your business has insurance that would cover a loss of revenue after a hurricane and fight the insurance company for a fair resolution of any claims. This often involves working with a Certified Public Accountant and other financial professionals to quantify the loss and present a strong case to insurance company. If the insurance company fails to deal in good faith to resolve the claim, then an experienced attorney will pursue a bad faith claim against the insurance company, if available, which can result in additional damages and an award of costs and attorney fees.

Call (844) 464-0062 today if your business suffered a loss of revenue due to a hurricane and your insurance company has acted in bad faith or made you an unreasonably low offer.

We Serve Homeowners and Business Owners Affected by Severe Weather

At Johnson Law Group, we are here to help you fight the aggressive practices of unethical insurance companies following hurricanes and other natural disasters. If you suffered hurricane-related damage to your property or business, then you deserve to be fully compensated by your insurance company. You paid premiums every month for a reason. If the insurance company acts in bad faith or makes you an unreasonably low offer, let us help you determine the best course of action in your case. Reach to us as soon as possible and schedule your free consultation with a member of our team.

Send us your information or call (844) 464-0062 today to speak to an experienced hurricane lawyer at Johnston Law Group.

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